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Indie Heaven handles the mundane aspects of your business
so you can focus on your creative content!

Merch - Artist Management - Web Sites - Royalties

Even taxes!

Listen to our customers:

Jeffrey Fisher, CEO of Jefferson Lynn Global Music
an Indie in Philadelphia

Amazing Software Development! My corporate website and my artist websites are all powered by the same innovative software created by Indie Heaven. I can track inventory, financials, and send press releases to an unlimited number of record companies and radio stations for airplay. I can also sell merchandise through my online stores and enter the splits and see the revenues in real time. I am so amazed, this software is any production company's dream for success!

Brian Castle, President of Furball Records
an Indie in Burbank CA

We love this software, it runs our entire business. We can raise web sites for new artists in less than 3 minutes, complete with a fully populated store and merchandise splits per item. Our back office gets ticklers for fulfillment, and I get notified whenever anything important happens financially. Our marketing team can create promos in seconds and attach them to items or to outgoing press releases. This is the only game in town for indies, we couldn't survive without it. Doing all this ourselves would be logistically and financially impossible.

Indie Heaven runs anywhere on anything.

In the Cloud, in a data center, on your home PC,
even on a tiny little Raspberry Pi.

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